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Our mission

Success = Expertise + Collaboration


Quite often, business owners are so busy doing back office work (such as accounting, bill payment and payroll functions) that they run out of time to effectively and efficiently focus their talents. Their time is best spent marketing, providing superior client service and attending to other executive duties that are absolutely essential to the growth and ultimate success of their businesses.


We value life-work balance and consistently strive to maintain it. We will partner with owners of small businesses as their outsourced accounting department and trusted financial advisor - their bookkeeper on a daily basis, their accountant on a monthly basis, their controller on a quarterly basis, their tax preparer on an annual basis, and their CFO all year round.


At LongwoodCPA, we are committed to providing the owners of small businesses with a collaborative, real-time, full back office support system enabling them to focus on running their businesses instead of letting their businesses run them. We will accomplish this by using best-in-class, advanced technologies to provide 24/7 access on any device in an end-to-end paperless process. We will provide digital data-sharing and collaboration between our firm and our clients. Our clients will gain more time and energy to serve the needs of their markets and allow them to work toward capturing the ever-elusive life-work balance.

You have my word that we’ll hold true to this commitment.
Janelle Pedulla, CPA, MBA

We count the beans, you butter the bread!

We are not just CPAs; we are entrepreneurs ourselves, serving other like-minded entrepreneurs. Because we are also business owners, we understand your passion for what you do…as well as the challenges and struggles that come with business ownership—including managing complex, time-consuming back-office accounting work. That’s where we come in.

At LongwoodCPA, we go beyond traditional tax and accounting services to help you get back to life and your business by removing the burden of complex accounting work. It is often said that “it’s not personal and/or it’s just business.” Well, we don’t agree. We think that what we do is very, very personal…and we treat it that way! Not much could be more personal to you than to your financial future and we’re here for you. We have a very special commitment…indeed, a passion…for owners of small business and entrepreneurs to keep them out of trouble BEFORE trouble finds them. Reclaim your time, do more of what you love, and breathe easy knowing you have a year-round partner managing your back office and putting you on the path toward financial success and security.

About our firm

Like many owners of small business, our founder, Tom Abrassart, began the firm to escape the limitations of being part of a large firm and to have control over his financial independence.  And he was successful.  And the firm grew.  And the firm was successful.  But at a cost.  Our founder, and most of the staff, ended up working very long hours under the pressure of unrelenting and immovable recurring deadlines at great personal sacrifice.

Several years back, Tom and one of the staff attended a conference sponsored by our primary accounting software vendors.  A speaker at that conference introduced us to an alternative business model, the BOSS model, that would radically improve our efficiency, allow us to better serve our clients, grow our practice AND, get this…have a life!  The experience was transformative.  You mean we could actually take all of our knowledge and experience, tweak a few processes and procedures, and actually be able to offer clients the services for which we were formally trained (i.e. interpreting key financial data and advising clients as a trusted financial advisor)?  Plus, we could do it in real time, collaboratively in a highly available, secure environment?  You betcha! 

Today, under the leadership of our successor owner, Janelle Pedulla, the new business model and all its carefully built technological components are in place and we’ve been busy taking on new clients and transitioning current ones over to the new model.

Why do we care so much and what’s in it for you?  Well, it’s pretty simple.  We believe that owners of small business are the bedrock of our national economy and that most owners and entrepreneurs don’t actually have businesses…they have jobs with equity.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  You just need to understand where you are and where you’re heading and ensure that lines up with where you want to go. 

That’s why we do what we do and why we spend so much time building relationships and teams of financial advisors, business consultants, attorneys, and other professionals that we can call on at appropriate points in your business development to maximize your opportunity for success.

We own a small business just like you.  We get it.  Period.