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Medical Practice Management Solutions - A Practical Appproach

Janelle Zell

August 24, 2016

Choosing just the right medical practice management software can be daunting to a new or evolving practice.  Will it integrate with an existing EHR or does it have a built in EHR?  Is it cloud based?  Are there patient portal capabilities?  What about compliance?

When searching for a practice management software, the questions above are just the tip of the iceberg.  In reality, the software not only has to perform all of the necessary tasks or functions, but it must also meet the practice owner's goals, so being clear on what those goals are is essential to selecting the right product for the practice.

Starfleet Research's report, The 2016 Smart Decision Guide to Practice Management Solutions, is a clear, concise tool that everyone seeking a practice management software solution should read and digest before opening their wallets.  This report is an invaluable tool in stimulating critical thinking about obtaining the optimal solution for your practice needs and goals.

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